Anne Morgan – Mrs America

Episode 1: We speak with Anne Morgan about her incredible Hair Design work on the FX on Hulu mini-series, Mrs America. Mrs. America is an American drama television miniseries created by Dahvi Waller about the political movement to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. It stars Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, Uzo Aduba, Elizabeth Banks, Kayli Carter, Ari Graynor, Melanie Lynskey, Margo Martindale, John Slattery, Tracey Ullman, and Sarah Paulson.

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Mrs. America” tells the story of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and the unexpected backlash led by a conservative woman named Phyllis Schlafly, aka “the sweetheart of the silent majority.” Through the eyes of the women of the era — both Schlafly and second-wave feminists Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Shirley Chisholm, Bella Abzug and Jill Ruckelshaus — the series explores how one of the toughest battlegrounds in the culture wars of the 1970s helped give rise to the Moral Majority and forever shifted the political landscape.


Anne Morgan is 2020’s Academy Award, BAFTA, Critics Choice and Guild winner for Hairstyling in the feature film, Bombshell. Before she recreated ‘Fox News’ hair, Anne has been behind some of the most famous hair styles in film and television. From Gangs of New York to Walk The Line and Lemony Snickett. Anne’s work is critical in creating a character and an era in a way that instantly (and emotionally) pulls the audience into that scene. Her research goes even deeper than any history book or biography and is about making a world through quite literally snippets of hair.
She’s also delved into streaming television, most notably with HBO’s True Detective (Season 1) and was Emmy nominated for HBO’s, All The Way. More of her work can be seen currently in the FX Series streaming on HULU, Mrs. America. Also coming this year from Paramount Pictures, Top Gun. Ah, yes, and she created ’that’ hair-do from There’s Something About Mary.

To see other projects Anne Morgan has worked on visit:  IMDB or Instagram

Kit Corner – LSB – Linear Standby Belts

For Kit Corner on Episode 1, we spoke with Hair & Makeup Artist Georgia Lockhart-Adams, Georgia is the designer and company director of Linear Standby Belts and she tells us all about her game changing set bag/belt design.
The range consists of a wide padded belt, along with different style pouches and accessory options, so there’s something for everyone no matter what your industry needs. The high quality, functionality and finish set LSB products apart from other standby bags on the market. They’re practical, comfortable and they look great!
And the practicality doesn’t stop there.
“We’ve discovered how versatile these belts are – they’re great for all sorts of professionals. Sports therapists and medics who need to be quick, agile and have both hands free at all times also really benefit from the ease of using LSB products.”

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