Georgia Lockhart-Adams – Hair & Makeup Artist

Episode 17: We speak with Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Georgia Lockhart-Adams, Georgia has looked after some pretty iconic characters in film and worked under some amazing designers, we talk about what it takes to be the one the designer trusts with their vision and how she navigates the dynamic between designer, actor and herself as the artist.

KIT CORNER : LSB – Linear Standby Belts


Georgia Lockhart-Adams is a Hair and Makeup Artist who has traveled extensively around the world working in the film industry. She currently resides between Sydney Australia and her home New Zealand.

Georgia started her hairdressing career in a salon at the age of 14. She then went on to study makeup at the Design and Arts Collage of NZ at 18 years old. Her first film job was in the crowd room on Lord of The Rings, she fell in love with the film industry and has never looked back. 

She has worked passionately for the past 20 years sinking her teeth into many iconic film characters. Her credits include King Kong, Superman Returns, Avatar, The Hobbit, San Andreas, The Pirates of the Caribbean ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’, Aquaman and Mulan

Most recently Georgia has been working as a personal hair and makeup artist to Sigourney Weaver

Alongside long days on film sets, Georgia is also the Director of Linear Standby Belts. She has been running this company for the past 7 years, designing customizable tool belts for hair and makeup artists

To see other projects Georgia has worked on visit:  IMDB or Instagram

Kit Corner – LSB Linear Standby Belt

For Kit Corner on Episode 17, we spoke with Hair & Makeup Artist Georgia Lockhart-Adams, Georgia is the designer and company director of Linear Standby Belts and she tells us all about her game changing set bag/belt design.
The range consists of a wide padded belt, along with different style pouches and accessory options, so there’s something for everyone no matter what your industry needs. The high quality, functionality and finish set LSB products apart from other standby bags on the market. They’re practical, comfortable and they look great!
And the practicality doesn’t stop there.
“We’ve discovered how versatile these belts are – they’re great for all sorts of professionals. Sports therapists and medics who need to be quick, agile and have both hands free at all times also really benefit from the ease of using LSB products.”