Kevin Wasner – SPFX Makeup Artist

Episode 18: We speak with Kevin Wasner, the guy who has probably done more Zombie makeups than almost anyone else on the planet! We chat about his work on The Walking Dead, having the opportunity to work with some of his makeup fx idols and working in the workshop vs on set.

KIT CORNER : Big Mack Trailers


Born and raised outside of Seattle WA, Kevin’s love for movies and special effects makeup was evident even as a young boy. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in the 1990’s. Kevin worked at a prop house early on, creating iconic props for many memorable projects such as the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series, feature films like Minority Report, Stuart Little, and Fight Club to name just a few. 

His early work in makeup effects production continued with experience in many of the effects houses in LA that were bustling through the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Shops like Rick Baker’s Cinovation, Steve Johnson’s XFX among others kept Kevin busy for many years. 

It was in about 2004 that Kevin first worked for KNB FX Group – and since then has continued to do so over the years since; both as a sculptor in the shop and on set as a makeup artist

Kevin became a local 706 member in 2015 and to this day works primarily as a makeup artist on set. 

Over the years Kevin has been fortunate enough to travel the world for his craft, and cites some of his most notable projects being those that have shown him other parts of the world; living in Italy for over 6 months on The Passion of the Christ, and some of the most beautiful parts of eastern Europe on KNB’s Prince Caspian.

His work on the television series The Walking Dead earned him 2 Emmy Awards and 4 more nominations. 

To see other projects Kevin has worked on visit:  IMDB or Instagram

Kit Corner – Big Mack Makeup & Hair Trailers

For Kit Corner on Episode 18, we spoke with Professional Makeup Artist James Mackinnon about his Makeup & Hair Trailers, Designed by Makeup and Hair Artists… James has over 30years experience in the film & television industry, Big Mack Trailers is dedicated to bringing you clean, reliable trailers with tons of storage and 24 hour service.