Lana Horochowski & Theraesa Rivers – Makeup & Hair Team

Episode 10: We speak with Makeup artist Lana Horochowski and Hairstylist Theraesa Rivers, a powerhouse design team that have headed departments for shows such as Mad Men, The Romanoffs, Glow and Penny Dreadful, City of Angels… We find out what it takes to design period shows, work as a team when it comes to character development and what keeps these ladies laughing..

KIT CORNER: Sanitation Conversation


To see other projects Lana has worked on visit: IMDB or Instagram


To see other projects Theraesa has worked on visit: IMDB or Instagram

KIT CORNER – Sanitation Conversation

For Kit Corner on Episode 10, we spoke with Makeup Artist and Educator Devawn Testagrossa about her education program Sanitation Conversation. Devawn’s company’s objective is to initiate change and disrupt current practices for “sanitation standards” within the beauty industry. With over 25 years of experience as a former makeup artist, makeup instructor and school owner, Devawn knows the importance of proper sanitation practices. This new generation of artists cares about doing things right, protecting their clients and they are willing to implement the appropriate methods needed. Now is the time to provide an easy solution for practicing proper sanitation protocols.  Devawn and her team are there to assist artists in forming sanitation habits that protect themselves and their clients, and you can be a part of protecting our industry too.

OFFER EXPIRES: 31st August 2020