Lois Burwell – Makeup Designer

Episode 11: We speak with the amazingly talented Makeup Artist Lois Burwell, Lois has worked on so many incredible projects, its actually mind blowing! From The Princess Bride to Braveheart, The Fifth Element to Saving Private Ryan and so so many more.  Join me to hear about Lois’ journey into the film industry.

KIT CORNER: The Little Brown Book


Lois was born and brought  up in North London  in the UK, which was where she began her film career. First working on rock videos , third year film school projects  at the National Film School while studying her craft, and eventually getting a big break  when asked to run the makeup department (albeit of one) for Bill Forsyth’s Gregory’s Girl. One film led to another including The  Princess Bride, Ridley Scotts Legend, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Shirley Valentine, Highlander and Mona Lisa, until on Braveheart Lois  not only won the Academy Award  for her work but met her husband  to be and made the move to California. She now lives in Carpinteria with her husband,  three cats. six hens and two horses.

To see other projects Lois has worked on visit: IMDB

KIT CORNER – The Little Brown Book

For Kit Corner on Episode 11, we spoke with Makeup Artist Marietta Carter- Narcisse and author of The Little Brown Book. This handbook provides a comprehensive quick-reference to the terminology and titles you must know when working in production. It is an absolute treasure trove of information and any artist who is interested in working on set needs to own it. The Little Brown Book – Buzzwords and Lingo – TV |Film | Print | Retail| …. $14.95