Makeup & Hair team from the Netflix series DARK

Bonus Episode: We are trying something new and we have a bonus episode, just a little something to get you through our hiatus period.

On this bonus episode I am speaking with Hair & Makeup Artists Christina Wagner and Andrea Pirchner, Christina and Andrea worked on the Netflix Series DARK. We chat about their journey working on a show with so many time periods, character ages and even different worlds, what challenges they came up against and how they stayed on top of all the different looks and changes happening while shooting…

Now a word of warning, if you have not watched DARK but intend to, there are plenty of spoilers, so I recommend watching the show and then watch it again to completely grasp how amazing it is and then listen to this episode…


Christina was born in Hamburg but raised in Stuttgart, South Germany.

After Christina finished her study as a hairdresser, she moved to Berlin to visit the Mephisto Hair and Makeup artist school. Christina decided to stay in the capitol city where she got her first job in the film Industry, Christina did the design for a few German cinema movies and TV productions , like Mountain Miracles and The Lobbyist, Christina also worked for a few International productions  as an additional Makeup Artist like The Monuments Men and The Book Thief.

In 2016 Christina got the chance to work as the Key Hair and Makeup Artist for season 1 of the Netflix series DARK, luckily Christina was able to continue with season 2 and 3 and got the big opportunity to work in the position as the Hair and Makeup Designer.

Now Christina is currently working with  Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese on their next big Netflix series called “1899

To see other projects Christina has worked on visit: IMDB or Instagram


Andrea was born in Austria in 1984 .
In 2005 she moved to Berlin to attend a three years Makeup and Hair school
named Mephisto.
Andrea was lucky to find her entry into the industry with the project Pope Joan shot in
2008 with international cast in Marokko.
Since that time Andrea has worked mostly for Cinema Productions, Andrea has worked on projects such as The Monuments Men, Head Full of Honey, The Girl in the Spiders Web and all 3 seasons of DARK.

To see other projects Andrea has worked on visit: IMDB or Instagram