Rick Findlater – Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 13 : We speak with Rick Findlater, a Hair and Makeup Designer based in Australia, he tells us tales of looking after Gandalf the grey in Hobbiton, working on location in places like Antarctica and what it takes to lead a happy and talented Hair and Makeup team.

KIT CORNER: Skin Saver – Barrier Lotion


Rick Findlater is a Makeup and Hair artist in the film industry. Rick’s work has taken him around the world at least twice . Some of his credits include Pirates of the Carribean,The Lord of the Rings , The Hobbit , Avatar and Mulan .

He works as both  Makeup and Hair Designer and Supervisor and has worked as personal to Richard Gere and Naomi Watts. Nominated for 2 Bafta and and Academy Award for the Hobbit Trilogy and currently is half  way through shooting on the new film for Marvel as the Makeup and Hair designer

To see other projects Rick has worked on visit: IMDB or Instagram

KIT CORNER – Skin Saver – Barrier Lotion

For Kit Corner on Episode 13, we spoke with Jennifer Aspinall creator of Skin Saver – Barrier Lotion

Emmy® Award-Winning make-up artist Jennifer Aspinall has teamed up with Dermaesthetics, a medically based dermatological company, to create this new, revolutionary barrier lotion. While SKIN SAVER has been specifically formulated for the make-up and hair professional, it’s the perfect protective solution for ANY occupation involving wet, rough, or messy work. Gardeners, doctors, nurses, dentists, mechanics, housewives, landscapers, contractors, food handlers, bakers, painters will all find SKIN SAVER a valuable tool.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and the first line of defense against potentially harmful environmental irritants.  Think of it as a giant filtration system.  SKIN SAVER acts as a protect-ant that forms a seal against numerous harmful elements whose particles are small enough to penetrate that filter and cause damage to the underlying layers of skin and internal organs.

SKIN SAVER creates a barrier between your skin and elements that may endanger it.  It offers protection against the drying effects of water, traditional cosmetics and special effects make-up, paint, adhesives, solvents, hair products, hair dye, ink, bleach, oil, polish, grease, dirt, bodily fluids, latex and latex gloves, vinyl and vinyl gloves, 99% alcohol, acetone, xylene, toluene, resins, harsh soaps, household cleaners, and much more!