Vincent Van Dyke – Makeup FX Designer

Episode 30: We speak with Vincent Van Dyke, Makeup FX designer and owner of Vincent Van Dyke effects studio based in LA, Vincent and his team have produced work for projects like I Tonya, Star Trek Picard, American Horror Story and the latest to look out for Angelyne.. Vincent chats about having the opportunity to get into the business at a young age, How he had supportive mentors coming up that shaped him into a successful team leader, business owner and creative artist…

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Vincent Van Dyke is a prosthetic designer working in the film and television industry as well as owner and creative director of VVDFX, a full service prosthetic makeup effects studio in Los Angeles. Vincent has been nominated for 5 prime time Emmy awards and has been a professional working in the field for over 15 years.

Primarily working as a sculptor and painter he eventually found his way to one of Hollywood’s leading makeup effects companies, The Burman Studio, where he ultimately became creative director and project supervisor. He was given the core foundation needed to have his own company by owner’s, and his mentors,  Bari and Tom Burman. Learning the fundamentals of building teams, and orchestrating these teams to get the best work possible under extremely tight deadlines as well as the art of creating photo realistic work for film and television. With this, He has quickly become one of the top prosthetic designers in the industry– with an extremely hands on approach to building some of the most realistic high quality work in the industry today.

To see other projects Vincent has worked on visit:  IMDB or Instagram