Gloria Casny & Jules Holdren – Hair Team

Episode 28: We speak with two amazing hair stylists, Gloria Casny and Jules Holdren… Gloria and Jules have worked on multiple films together, We chat about what it is to be an HOD but also the importance of knowing your roll as an Assistant Department Head, They let us in on some of the challenges they have faced together as a team and how great it is working with together.

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Gloria Casny is a hair stylist in the film industry. Some of her films include Pirates of the
Caribbean, The Lone Ranger, Murder on the Orient Express, Alice Through the Looking Glass,
Logan, Fantastic Beasts
and Ford Vs Ferrari.

She has either department headed or been a personal for Johnny Depp or Chris Pratt.
Her hair styling achievements include a Hollywood Beauty Award, 6 Emmy nominations, 3
Emmy wins for Mad Men and Star Trek Enterprise
and an Oscar Nomination for The Lone Ranger.

To see other projects Gloria has worked on visit: IMDB or Instagram


To see other projects Jules has worked on visit: IMDB or Instagram