Nana Fischer – Hair & Makeup Designer

Episode 25: We speak with Hair & Makeup Designer Nana Fischer, Nana is a personal to James Franco, she has been the hair designer for 3 Ridley Scott films and has had some pretty incredible experiences working in the Colombian Amazon.. Boy! Does Nana have some stories for you

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Nana Fischer trained at Shiseido in her native Japan. After working in Tokyo, London and Paris for leading designers she entered the film world with Troy (2004) and Roger Michell’s landmark Venus (2006) starring Peter O’Toole. Along with musical features like Mamma Mia! and Sweeney Todd, Nana worked on King Lear in Great Performances and The Wolfman, two productions heavily reliant on makeup and hair. Her work can also be seen on 12 Years A Slave, World War Z, X-Men: First Class, Hanna, The King’s Speech.

Creating iconic looks, Nana styled Michael Fassbender‘s character David in Prometheus (2012) and Fassbender’s hair and makeup in The Counselor (2013), where she was hair department head.

Nana devised the compelling gangster look for James Franco in Spring Breakers (2012) and his period groove in Oz The Great and Powerful (2013). Additionally, Nana designed hair, makeup and prosthetics for Bukowski (2014).

She has been personal hair designer and makeup artist to both Michael Fassbender in Macbeth (2014), Trespass Against Us (2014) and Frank (2014) and to James Franco in Good People (2014), This Is The End (2013) and Tar (2012).

The daughter of two artists, Nana Fischer speaks Japanese, German, English and a little French – but her real language is transformation.

To see other projects Nana has worked on visit:  IMDB or Instagram