Naomi Donne – Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 19: We speak with Makeup Designer Naomi Donne, Naomi is responsible for creating the makeup looks for films such as Zoolander, 1917, Cinderella, The Royal Tenenbaums and multiple Bond films. Naomi shares her experience training with the BBC, how prepping for 1917 was such a brilliant collaboration with all involved and how Timothy Dalton brought her into the world of 007….

KIT CORNER : Germaphobe


As a Hair and Makeup artist in film, theatre and television, Naomi has been a leading name in her profession for many years. She has divided her time between Britain and America, and worked with such stars as Daniel Day Lewis, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Stiller, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Helen Mirren among many others. Her film credits include CHOCOLAT (BAFTA nomination) , ZOOLANDER, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS (Hollywood Guild Award), THE CRUCIBLE, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN, SKYFALL, PHILOMENA, CINDERELLA, THE LADY IN THE VAN, SPECTRE, The CHILDREN ACT, KING LEAR (Royal Television Society Award, Hollywood Guild Award). 1917 (BAFTA and Academy Award Nomination) CRUELLA (Emma Thompson) and the BATMAN

Her theatre work both on Broadway and the West End includes MARY POPPINS, SHREK THE MUSICAL, STARLIGHT EXPRESS, TWELFTH NIGHT at the Lincoln Centre, BETRAYAL, TARZAN,  NINE, ONCE the MUSICAL and THE INHERITANCE. She has been honoured by New York Women in Film and has an Honourary Fellowship from the University of the Arts London.

To see other projects Naomi has worked on visit:  IMDB or Instagram

Kit Corner – Germaphobe

For Kit Corner on Episode 19, we spoke with Professional Hairstylist Terrie Velazquez Owen about her versatile sanitizer for most surfaces and tools. Made with 80% Isopropyl alcohol ,hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, purified water and a special anti bacterial and anti microbial blend of essential oils. Germaphobe was born in the middle of a pandemic, Terrie is a mom, activist and passionate about our fragile environment.

Working as a Hollywood hairstylist for over 25 years Terrie had been using a combination of medical grade isopropyl alcohol and essential oils on her tools for as long as she can remember. Terrie would mix up small batches for herself to use on set and on her work station.

Germaphobe always uses glass bottles since Terrie can’t bear the thought of another plastic bottle heading to the ocean , but she wanted to make something useful and beautiful for your tabletop beauty station. Please reuse the glass bottle, even if you don’t refill from Germaphobe!